DeAnna Osborne Tennessee House of Representatives District 37

Why I'm Running

I am a mother, an educator, the daughter of small business owners, and I understand the value of hard work, of consensus building, and the importance of finding real life solutions. I do this every day in my home and in my work. I want to take the experience I have and take it to the state legislature because I recognize that there is a gap between the people that are being represented and the people representing them. We need someone to bridge that gap. I know that I am that someone.

As the mother of a child with chronic health issues, I understand the importance and value of affordable and accessible healthcare. I believe we should bring billions of taxpayer dollars back to Tennessee. The first step to this is through Medicaid expansion. 

As an educator I understand the investment we make in the future when we have fully-funded public education for our children. I promise to work to ensure that our resources are used wisely and effectively, and I will fight to protect every dollar in our state’s education budget.

As someone who understands the value of hard work, I’m just like you. I work hard every day.

But right now our legislators aren’t working hard for us. They aren’t focused on the needs of our community because they are so out of touch with what affects the average Tennessean. 

I'm running because I want to champion the needs of all of us in the 37th District. I want to work to find solutions that aren’t based on partisan politics but are created to benefit us for the long haul. And I believe the only way to do this is to hear from you, to listen to your concerns, and to truly represent you. It is because of YOU the people of Rutherford County that I have chosen to run for office.

I’m DeAnna Osborne, and I’m asking for your vote for State Representative in District 37. 


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